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Labelling a certain lighting style is something subjective. If you ask 100 people what they consider to be classic, modern, retro, romantic or rural lighting, you will undoubtedly get a variety of answers. This is also no easy feat for us. The boundary between classic and rural lighting, for instance, is not always clear. On the basis of this page we will clarify what we at dmLights consider to be country style lighting.

What is rural lighting?

rural house

Rural lighting is lighting that can often be found in and around farmstead houses, also called rustic style.

While modern lighting is austere and minimalist, rural lighting is more robust and rustic.

Rural style lighting generally consists of natural shades such as brown, grey, black and rust. This gives rural lighting its honest and rustic character. In addition, rural lighting often gets added cachet when there are signs of wear or oxidation.

Rustic or rural lighting includes fittings made of crude metal and glass. The wall or ceiling fittings as well as the bracket of the source of light usually consists of welded metal with an ornamental curve and/or other decoration.

The light distributor is either made of the same metal as the fitting’s arm, or it is made of coloured glass. dmLights offers a large range of rural lighting at the best prices and sees to a fast delivery.   

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Characteristics of Rural Lighting:

Characteristics Rural Lighting

1. Is usually found in rustic living styles

2. Ornamental curves and shapes

3. Crude metals in natural shades

4. Dome-shaped processed glass light distributor





Our Rural Lighting Brands:

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Rural Lighting

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