Change from stimulating-white to cosy warm light

Philips Hue office work

For bright white light

It is scientifically proven that bright white light improves our concentration. This kind of light is therefore ideal for completing office work or other tasks.

‘Concentration’ is one of the various light scenes pre-programmed in the Hue app. A simple tap on the app and you're ready to focus on your work!

Philips Hue reading

For pleasant warm light

Warm white light, gently dimmed but still bright enough to clearly distinguish the letters on your page. That's the kind of light that allows you read at the speed of light.

A reading corner equipped with Hue is a perfect place to read. Now all you need to do is find a captivating book!

Philips Hue relaxing

For dimmed warm white light

All your work done? Finished reading your book? Then it's time to unwind in the sitting area and just chill. Naturally, this is best done with the relaxing, warm white light from Hue.

Setting the right light is child's play, thanks to Hue. Psst! Don't worry, it's perfectly okay to doze off in this snug, cosy corner.

Philips Hue White Ambiance Starter Set

Hue White Ambiance Starterset

This pack contains all you need to start using Hue. Warning: you may experience a craving for more Hue lights!

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Philips Hue Runner White Ambiance

Hue Runner White Ambiance

A trendy look, reminiscent of track lighting, in black or white finish. Comes with a dimmer switch but without a bridge.

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Philips Hue Phoenix Table Lamp

Hue Phoenix Table Lamp

The Hue experience in a futuristic look. The Phoenix collection also has also a ceiling, wall and pendant version. Bridge not included.

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Experience everything more intensely with Hue

Philips Hue for watching TV

Immerse yourself in the TV viewing experience

There are plenty of apps available, which means that the experience of watching TV will never be the same again. For example, the Huey app makes the lights in the room reflect the colours of the screen.

Direct the lamps towards the wall for an optimum effect. Immerse yourself completely in the film!

Philips Hue for gaming

To the next level with Hue

Make your living room a part of the game you are playing. The colours of the Hue lights adapt themselves depending on the setting or level in which you are within the game.

Imagine yourself really in the jungle filled with intense green light or dive into the ocean with vivid blue tones.

Philips Hue for listening to music

Magically transform music to light

Enjoy music to the full, thanks to the Hue Disco and Ambify apps. They will create a scintillating light show in your home.

Whether you are throwing a dance party or just want to listen to music quietly with friends, the Hue lamps will give the mood that oh-so-necessary nudge in the right direction!

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Starter Set

Hue Colour Ambiance E27 Set

All set with this E27 Starter Set, at least for a while. The set includes 3 lamps and a bridge. You can connect up to 50 lamps to such a bridge.

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Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance GU10 Starter Set

Hue Colour Ambiance GU10 Set

Identical to its E27 variant, apart from the type of lights. Lights in all the colours of the rainbow are possible. Hopefully that should be sufficient for you.

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Philips Hue TV Pack

Hue TV Pack

This value pack instantly immerses you in the Hue experience in the perfect way. The Lightstrip can be subtly concealed behind a cupboard or wall.

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No need for all these fancy gadgets?

Do you feel that lights are a simple matter and should stay that way? Do you feel that coloured lights are only meant for nightclubs? In that case, the Philips range has a number of options that offer just the right amount of functionality for you.

The Philips Hue White lamps can also be operated remotely with a smartphone. But these are limited to the same light colour. Although, the light intensity can be dimmed.

For those who still want some degree of flexibility without having to purchase additional dimmers or wi-fi accessories, we are happy to recommend the Philips SceneSwitch LED lamps. These lamps can be attached to an existing fitting and when switched on, they alternate between three light settings: clean, natural, and a soft, warm light.

Philips Hue White Starter Set

Philips Hue White

The essence of Hue: Dim or switch the light on and off with your smartphone. Things cán be simple.

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Philips SceneSwitch

Philips SceneSwitch

Voted Product of the Year for 2017. Available with GU10, E14 and E27 fittings.

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