Privacy Statement

1. General Principles

This Privacy Statement informs you, as a customer or visitor of our website, about what will happen to the personal information you would potentially share with us or that we would collect and process. The privacy statement applies to all of our products and services and all the processing of personal data done by us or by third parties and will follow the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as these apply in Belgium and where we are located.

In accordance to changing legislation and/or changed policy and activities concerning this privacy regulation, we could face ourselves forced to periodically alter this privacy statement. Therefore, you will always find the most up-to-date version on www.dmlights.com/privacyPage.l.

Using the links below you can retrieve the correct information:

2. Who are we and how can you contact us?

We are dmlights, a part of De Meutter Paul Elektriciteit BVBA, Industriepark 13B, Zone B, 2220 Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium and our company number is BE 0436220678.

We are not characterized as having the legal obligation to install an official for data protection. Nevertheless, we have established an internal team that is responsible for the processing of personal data. You can contact them with any kind of request regarding the processing of personal data via privacyteam@dmlights.com.

3. Which of your personal data do we process?

The list below offers an exhaustive overview of all categories of personal data we process. Depending on your situation and relationship with us, it could well be that certain personal data or categories do not apply in your case:

  • Your personal contact information, such as first and last name, invoicing and shipping address, email address, telephone or mobile phone number etc.
  • Your contact history with us, such as emails, chats, completed forms on our website etc.
  • Products and services that you bought from us, such as your purchase history, but also whether you have a maintenance contract for your alarm installation for instance.
  • Marketing and analysis data such as newsletters you received and whether you clicked on certain links in these newsletters, whether or not complemented with data analysis based on profiling, in order to give you an offer as relevant and personalised as possible.
  • Your interaction on our website such as your account information and the shopping basket that you create, potential product reviews you send in, online orders you place including your IP address etc.
  • Your alarm installation, with the required technical specifications for the purpose of the maintenance such as the number of zones and locations within the building, band and type of the alarm system, last maintenance etc.
  • Information we receive from third parties such as financial institutions and other processors of payment, address brokers…
  • Third party transactions, meaning whereby another person did a certain transaction in your name, for instance a bank transfer or online payment. Then we will receive certain information of this third party such as the name and first name.

4. What is the source of your personal information?

We collect personal information coming from the following categories of sources:

  • From yourself in the direct sense of the word.
  • From a third party that performs certain interactions with us on your behalf.
  • From external online trade platforms or affiliate websites.
  • From online media and advertising partners.
  • From analytical applications, among which Google Analytics.
  • From a personal data broker.
  • From financial institutions and other payment processors and platforms.

5. What are the goals we process your personal data for and on which grounds do we process them?

We process your personal data for the following goals and according to the below legal grounds of processing:

  • For the execution of our agreement or contractual obligation
    • In order to keep you informed about the trajectory of your order and to be able to deliver it or inform you to come pick it up.
    • In order to gain insights about your communication with us and your purchase history to help you as well and efficiently as possible.
    • To be able to do maintenance and installation works at your premises.
    • In order to exchange with our business partners, such as logistic partners for the delivery of your order.
  • In a justified cause for us or for a third party
    • To gain insights in the usage of our website and how we can continuously improve it.
    • To proactively approach you with potentially interesting offers and to present our products and services.
    • To manage our company in an optimal manner.
    • To gain analytical and statistic insights in our customer base and our performances and how we can further improve these.
    • To get your opinion and rating about us and our products, so we can optimise continuously.
  • With your permission
    • To gain insights in the usage of our website and how we can continuously improve it.
    • To keep you informed on new brands and products and everything that is going on at dmlights and the lighting industry in general.
    • To proactively approach you with potentially interesting offers and to present you our products and services.
    • To contact you whenever you won a price in one of our contests or promotions.
    • To get your opinionand rating about us and our products, so we can optimize continuously.
  • Due to legal obligations
    • For managing our accountancy.

6. How long will we save your personal data?

How long do we save your personal data varies and depends on the following criteria:

  • As long as you grant us your permission, for instance for our newsletter.
  • As long as required according to legal obligations, for instance conservation times of invoices.
  • As long required according to contractual obligations, for instance for providing service and assistance, for offering legal or additional warranty, for informing you (about potential recalls) etc.
  • As long as required according to our company needs, for instance to know what you purchased from us in the past and in order to offer you that information later on, or to stay up to date about your (alarm) installation even after you have not had a maintenance from us for a few years, …

7. Will your personal data be exchanged outside of the European Union?

Most of our personal data will stay within the EU and the EER. However, in some cases we will share personal information with international organization and/or parties outside of the EU, such as international logistic partners. For instance at this moment we are changing information with a few external partners in the US. This information exchange is legally covered under the EU-US Privacy Shield. Moreover, we have taken additional contractual measures with these parties to guarantee maximal safety precaution measures.

8. Is it mandatory for you to share personal data with us?

If you want to purchase products or services from us, you are obliged to provide us a minimum of personal data. Without this personal information we cannot fulfill our contractual and legal obligations. Any optional personal data is always indicated as such.

9. What are your rights as person involved within the framework of the privacy legislation?

The privacy legislation grants you the following rights concerning the processing of your personal data:

  • The right to be informed about the processing of your personal data.
  • The right to correct or complete your personal information if incorrect or incomplete.
  • The right to resist against the processing of your personal data.
  • The right to limit the processing of your personal data.
  • The right to have your personal data removed.
  • The right to look into your personal data and how we process these.
  • The right to directly transfer your personal data.
  • The right to obtain a personal evaluation if you have been subject of a given automatic decision process.

10. How can you resist against the processing of your personal data or how can you lodge a complaint?

You have the right to resist against certain forms of personal data processing. In that case please direct your request to privacyteam@dmlights.com or contact us by telephone.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the juridical institution that supervises the application of the privacy legislation. Since Belgian law applies to us, you should get in contact with the Data Protection Authority (Gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit (GBA): www.gegevensbeschermingsautoriteit.be).

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