What is a DeltaLight Mounting Kit and how to use it?

The DeltaLight Mounting Kit is used for recessing spotlights in a wall or ceiling. These Mounting Kits can be used in different kinds of walls and ceilings: tiled ceiling or wall, concrete + plaster, concrete beam and block + plaster, prefabricated concrete plate + plaster and brick + plaster.

9 types of Mounting Kits

The DeltaLight Mounting Kits are divided into 9 categories according to shape, dimensions and recess depth. You can find all possible types and their specifications on the bottom of the page.

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DeltaLight Mounting Kit types

How to install a Mounting Kit?

The installation of the DeltaLight Mounting Kits can vary from type to type. The basics however are always the same.

  1. Outline the exact recessed dimensions and saw out the recessed whole from your wall or ceiling.

  2. Adjust the Mounting Kit to the thickness of your ceiling with the screws on the side. You can still adjust those after installation, as long as you haven’t plastered.

  3. Put the Mounting Kit through the recessed hole and fasten screws where necessary. Pay attention! With type 8 mounting kits with double round recessed hole, the mounting kit is placed on the inside of the recessed hole. The kit will be hidden with plastering afterwards.

  4. Check again to see if your Mounting Kit is properly adjusted to the thickness of your ceiling, before finishing with plastering and paint.

  5. Click your DeltaLight spotlight into the Mounting Kit.

Type 6:
DeltaLight Mounting Kit installation type 6

Type 8:
DeltaLight Mounting Kit installation type 8

Type 7:
DeltaLight Mounting Kit installation type 7

Overview DeltaLight Mounting Kits

Below is an overview of all available DeltaLight Mounting kits with their reference, dimensions, weight and recessed dimensions. The seventh column of the table shows the maximum thickness of your mounting surface. You can find every Mounting Kit on our website by searching for their reference without using spaces between the digits.

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Overview DeltaLight Mounting Kits

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