What is a DeltaLight Plasterkit and how to use it?

The DeltaLight Plasterkit is used for recessing spotlights into plaster ceilings and walls. To be more precise, you can use the DeltaLight Plasterkits for following kinds of ceilings and walls: Stucanet, concrete + plaster, concrete beam and block + plaster, prefabricated concrete plate + plaster and brick + plaster.

4 types of plaster kits

The DeltaLight Plasterkits are divided into four models according to the shape of the spotlight they’re used for. Type 1 for square spotlights, type 2 for rectangular spotlights, type 3 for round spotlights and type 4 for oval spotlight.

DeltaLight plasterkits types

How to install a Plasterkit?

  1. Check the minimum and maximum dimensions for the recessed hole of your Plasterkit. Cut out the recessed hole and leave enough space for your cabling.

  2. Mount the Plasterkit in the recessed hole. Mark the spots, where you need to drill holes for the fixation of the Plasterkit, with a pencil.

  3. Drill the holes for the screws.

  4. Screw the DeltaLight Plasterkit into the wall or ceiling.

  5. Finish off the Plasterkit with plastering and a lick of paint.

  6. Install the spotlight in the recessed Plasterkit.

    Install DeltaLight plaasterkit

Overview DeltaLight Plasterkits

Below is an overview of all available DeltaLight Plasterkits with their reference, dimensions, weight and recessed dimensions. You can find every Plasterkit on our website by using the reference without any spaces between the digits.

Click image to enlarge
Overview DeltaLight plaasterkits

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